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24/7 Emergency Service
Progress Through Engineering
Since 1911
Family of Companies

Krauth Electric, founded in 1911 and entering its third generation under the direction of the Nalley family, specializes in the sales and service of industrial electric motors, related services and products. Please see our line card for a list of these comprehensive services and products.

All the members of the Family of Companies adhere to the same high ethical, quality and performance standards. Today, in addition to Krauth Electric Company, the Family of Companies includes IRD LLC and Lexseco.

Lexseco is a leading manufacturer of test equipment and associated software for the electrical apparatus service industry. The company's principal product is a line of variably sized Core Loss Testers (CLT). A CLT is used to test the integrity of the core steel laminations in the stators, armatures and rotors of electric motors. Lexseco's largest customer is the United States Navy, which has equipped its numerous maintenance facilities with CLTs. Lexseco supplies Core Loss Testers to service providers, like Krauth, around the world. Consequently, KEC and Lexseco have a strong synergy. KEC's service plants provide R&D arenas for new CLT developments while regular consultations between Krauth and Lexseco engineers expose KEC personnel to a broad range of testing situations vastly beyond the experience of any single motor service facility.
IRD is the latest addition to the Family of Companies. With nearly 50 years in the balancing business, IRD LLC offers products and services designed to meet all of your balancing needs. A wide range of rotor weights can be accommodated - from a fraction of a pound to 660,000 pounds. And with a global network of service, support, application expertise and training programs, IRD LLC is well equipped to deliver when you need it!