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24/7 Emergency Service
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Good, Better, Best

Krauth Electric is the first in the region to provide an enhanced service that allows you to analyze the criticality of each motor to be repaired. The initial inspection and testing of each motor provides a basic determination of its’ overall condition. We now offer the inspection and testing at three distinct levels that allow the motor to be repaired to your specific need. These tests will determine the “long term” life of the motor post repair, not just will it run when it is returned.

We classify these test levels as: Good, Better and Best.

The testing detail:

Good” – With this level of testing we check the electrical windings of the machine at “Used” winding test values per IEEE and ANSI Standards. We cannot guarantee or warrant the remaining life for these windings.

Better” – We will test the windings regardless of age at “New” winding test values per IEEE and ANSI Standards. This will stress the winding more and could catch defects in the winding that the “Used” winding test values might not. But there is always a chance that this higher level of testing could actually harm the winding. Testing at “New” values will better help us ensure that the winding is in good shape and have a longer life, but it is still not a certainty.

Best” – If the “Best” repair is chosen, we will rewind the windings no matter what. No chance will be taken on the used winding and we will warrant the windings to ensure a reliable unit that would perform to its’ best possible level.

Our GB2 enhancement allows you to make better decisions with consideration of the motors application and critical function. We “partner” to help you make the best possible decisions for your plant and its’ specific needs.

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