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24/7 Emergency Service
24/7 Emergency Service
Progress Through Engineering
Since 1911
Commitment To Quality

Samples of Quality Assurance:

  • Automated processes to eliminate the probability of human error.
  • Continuous monitoring of processes and materials used in repairs to assure highest standards.
  • Controlled winding incinerator temperature to minimize core iron losses.
  • Our Standards meet or exceed all aspects of ANSI’s “Best Practices.”
  • In house standards equivalent to or exceeding EASA Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus.
  • Qualification of core loss.
  • Motor rewinds are checked for acceptable magnetic densities, and utilize increased amounts of copper as appropriate to reduce I2R losses.
  • Licensed by Underwriters Laboratories to rebuild explosion-proof motors.
KEC has consistently distinguished itself as being on the cutting edge of quality implementation. KEC has invested in all currently available state of the art testing technologies to insure the quality of our service. Surge testers, megometers, core loss testers and the like, combined with detailed test reporting software, produce a vast database of comparative information all applied to quality assurance.

In 1991, KEC proactively created the "KEC Service Standards." Unique to our industry at that time, this compendium of painstakingly detailed documents became, at least in part, the foundation for today's industry standard, the Electrical Apparatus Service Association's "EASA Q." A precursor to ISO certification, EASA Q and the KEC Service Standards address all aspects of rotating apparatus repair and establish a basis for reliability unparalleled in our industry.