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24/7 Emergency Service
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Anticipation: It means our ability to anticipate advancement in technology - that "great, growling engine of change" - and its effect on your industrial needs today and in the future. It also means our ability to foresee potential problems and to forestall them with unique preventive programs, like Predictive Reliability.

Responsiveness: It means our ability to respond to your needs on a timely basis with solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. We are client-driven.

Progressiveness: In our industry, companies that can interpret system related problems, stay on top of change, and accept new ideas will expand and grow. Krauth is that kind of company.

Flexibility: There will always be more solutions to problems than there are problems. We are never locked into one simplistic solution; rather we probe to find the right solution through close personal communication. We know how to listen and when to talk.

Objectivity: Because we offer total services, we can view your problems objectively. Our solutions serve your best interest, not ours.

Innovativeness: To earn your business, we need to stay ahead of our competition. One way is through innovative ideas that set us apart. Ideas like the Krauth Value Added (KVA+) motor, Predictive Reliability, EQUIPICARE and Customer Web Portal

Founded in 1911, Krauth Electric Company spent most of its early history in the old Hillerich & Bradsby building on First Street in the market district of Louisville. In 1957, the company was purchased by the late J. Richard Nalley, who served as President until 1988. The company is now managed by Richard Nalley, Jr., President, and Chris Nalley, Vice President.

The personality and character of Krauth Electric Company are summed up in these few words: Anticipation, Responsiveness, Progressiveness, Flexibility, Objectivity, and Innovativeness.