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24/7 Emergency Service
24/7 Emergency Service
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Krauth Electric Company has developed a unique and exclusive program for select clients to access critical information regarding the services we provide. This program will allow you to check status of any motor in our shop for repair, anytime 24/7 by simply visiting our website and logging in to the Preferred Customer (P.C.) section. (Please note, this is a password protected feature. Our clients will have the option of providing your staff access to this function at your discretion.)

The initial page of the P.C. site will display a “Welcome” page with alerts, current repair status, and links to various services provided to our preferred clients. The areas are:

WIP Status – this is Work In Progress; by clicking on this link, a page will open that shows every job you have in our shop. The PO # would be referenced and a description of the motor provided for ease of identification. Each motor will then have the Status or department and phase of the repair currently completed and a Progress bar graph that represents tasks remaining to finish the repair.

By clicking on the job number or the "More Info" tab, another screen will open that provides full detail of the motor. Tasks completed are checked and the “real time” status of the motor is noted. The example attached indicates this motor is repaired and ready for delivery to the client.

This invaluable feature allows you to better track your repairs, make informed decisions on staffing for motor installation and improved asset control.

Equipicare– our Asset Management system. We can store and maintain motors, gearboxes and other selected equipment in our climate controlled warehouse. The service includes periodic testing, shaft rotation and other services to ensure the equipment is in operating condition when you need it. We provide 24 hour access to the equipment and deliver to your facility as needed. Clients participating in this program have full access to their inventory records online by clicking on the "Motor" icon. They can check for a spare as needed for emergencies, 24/7. Please call if you wish to discuss this program.

CPR or Comprehensive Predictive Reliability - Krauth’s predictive approach to maintenance that includes vibration monitoring, electrical testing, oil analysis and thermography We maintain our reports on line for our clients to reference at any time. Clicking the CPR icon takes them to the link and a complete history of past testing, equipment condition and recommendations.

Repair History – This link opens a complete history of all repairs we have completed for a client. This is a useful tool to help identify “problem” equipment that is having repeat failures. The history provides exact dates of prior service and can assist you in developing a “mean time between failure” program. This tool provides a baseline for future actions to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

The Krauth "PREFERRED CUSTOMER" program is an innovation in our market and can be a significant part of any company’s goal to improve service to your customers, reduce costs and operate in a more efficient manner. Please contact Krauth @ 502.361.1311 if you need additional information on this or other Krauth innovations!